our church is...

All about God. We are a Church determined to show the world who Jesus is. We get together weekly to sing praises to our living God, and to learn from him. Our worship is all about giving God glory and our teaching is completely planted in the Word of God.


Our mission statement is "Live Transformed." After encounters with God. After moments when God speaks to us and gives us life, we do not remain the same. We as a Church believe God wants us to Live Transformed. God wants us to live a life following him. God wants us to live a life consumed by him. God want us to live a life showing the world the love of Christ.


We are not just a service but a community. We want our church to illustrate Jesus. Our Church is a safe place for people of all backgrounds. We want people to come, no matter what part of their journey they are in, and feel welcome. We want to be a community that constantly builds up, constantly serves, and constantly encourages one another.